IXO Ducati Senna in case

IXO 1:24 scale models  come in 3 ranges, junior range, museum range and collectors range. They all come in their own display case complete with named base plate.

The museum range consists of vintage British bikes and classic Japanese and European models.

In the other ranges is the usual line up of  Ducati’s and other Italian thorough bred's  as well as a good sprinkling of Japanese models and Racing bikes.

Great detail is given to the finishing of the bikes, the paint work is glossy and smooth, the decals are finely detailed and readable. The chain is a metal plate stamped out with links.

IXO Ducati 999SB IXO Ducati 995 SB

These bikes measure just 8.5cm long and 4cm high, yet the detail of the brakes, frames, suspension and engines is really fine. With the correct backdrop these models will look like the real thing.

IXO Ducati Desmosedici

IXO do a range of 1:12 scale bikes, these are all Moto GP bikes.

There are other 1:24 scale bike manufactures, and they place there bikes on the same plaques and display cases, so it is not always possible to know if your 1:24 scale model is IXO or not, unless you have the cardboard surround.

IXO Kawasaki ZXRR in case