There are many makers of plastic kits, the most well known, probably being Airfix, Tamiya and Revell.

Kit scale varies from 1:16 to 1:6.

The Yamaha Virago 1000 from Tamiya came complete with its own rider with luggage thrown over the rear pillion seat. It was a 1:12 scale model.

The 3 pictures along the top and the 2 below are from Tamiya’s 1:6 scale Kawasaki Z1300A1, I made this bike identical to my Z13, using the same paint on the fuel tank, side panels and mudgaurds, also the brake callipers and brake fluid reservoirs were gold on my bike. Most of the parts on the Tamiya bike are screwed or bolted together, rather than just glued as on cheaper smaller models.

Overall this bike measures 39cm long by 21cm tall, so its still a monster of a bike when its a model.