Glass Paperweights

Ceramic bikes that would sit on your mantle piece, can also be great for collections, they range from replicas of well known models to fantasy style bikes with the reaper riding them.

Like other super markets, Aldi also do a range of bikes that appear on their shelves once or twice a year. These are made by Joy City and are their Automaxx range.

Sainsburys sell 1:18 scale in their own packaging.

Halsall 1:64 scale Street Pullers

Diecast motorbikes from other manufacturers, these may have smaller ranges of bikes, or just that I don’t own many of them, so at the moment are placed on these ‘other’ pages.

Diecast motorcycles from super markets that re-brand well known manufactures such as Maisto or Welly  are quite popular and can be a lot cheaper than the original.


Asda do a range of 1:18 scale bikes that are made by Maisto, as can be seen from the underneath of this box.


They call their range Kid Connection.

Motorcycles and Trikes made from old bits of metal, nuts and bolts, can make a nice change to your collection. There are many different sorts, some using spark plugs for parts, others made totally from twisted wire, with some tubing to add colour, like the one below.

Haixing Powers 1:16 scale

Marks and Spencer 1:24 scale Harley Davidson

Fabbri 007

Moto Max 1:18 scale

Sidecar Collection 1:18 scale

Burago 1:18 scale Triumph bobber

Burago Moto-Kit Yamaha Road Star

Yat Ming 1:18 scale Honda Shadow

Road Champs 1:18 scale RC10 750

Dimestore Dreams

Sainsburys 1:18 scale Yamaha Warrior

Small HO size Motorcycles

Fast Lane

Great Faith Bad Boyz Chopper

Japanese made diecast bikes from the 70’s are still available boxed.

These below are believed to be from Sakura.

Rally Racer Radio Control Racer

Realtoy Action City